BoCcast Episode 2: Tomorrow’s Harvest Analysis, Part 1


This is the first in a series of podcasts dedicated to detailed analysis of Boards of Canada’s newest album, Tomorrow’s Harvest.

Let me know what you think, hope you enjoy!  Feel free to leave your own interpretations in the comments section.

If you enjoyed, be sure to subscribe, there’s a lot of mind-bending stuff going on here, and this first podcast barely scratches the surface.


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21 thoughts on “BoCcast Episode 2: Tomorrow’s Harvest Analysis, Part 1”

  1. Did all you do on the “There is life after death” lyric is to reverse it? Was it sped up any? I sort of hear it as “There might be life after death.”

  2. Nice work man, I enjoy listening to your shows. Ever since I read the article you referenced regarding the hidden stuff I’ve been waiting on someone dissecting this album. Looking forward to part 2.

  3. I found your analysis of the song titles, presentation, and musical structure of the album extremely compelling. Your passion for, and extensive research into, the music definitely carries through into the podcast itself.

    However, even listening from a lossless source, I’m unable to pick up on any of the “hidden vocal samples” you point towards. It seems possible that you’re hearing these messages because of confirmation bias (originating from the other, more concrete elements of the album) instead of deliberate engineering by the band. From a musical perspective, it’s the equivalent of the human tendency to perceive faces in inanimate objects.

    That said, I’m really looking forward to your next full-album analysis. Perhaps Geogaddi, which contains plenty of AUDIBLE vocal samples? =)

  4. I suppose I should clarify— while there are absolutely vocal samples throughout the album, I was only able to hear them in about half of the sections you highlighted. Even in those cases, I never really had a slam dunk moment where I agreed with your interpretation. To a certain extent, I feel that the samples would be more easily understood if the band intended their literal meaning to be an important component of a song (e.g. “A Beautiful Place”), rather than an abstract element of the musical atmosphere.

    1. Hey man. I’m pretty sure of most of the samples I’ve used in the episode, but I won’t argue that they’re extremely hard to hear. Mike (i think) said there’s more subliminal stuff on this album than any before it, which certainly means I’m missing a lot of little details along the way, but it also speaks to how subtle the subliminal stuff on TH must be :)

      Anyway, I hear you. If someone else was throwing these hardly-audible samples at me, i’d probably say the exact same thing about selection bias. I should mention that lots of times, these samples have challenged me to rethink my interpretations, what you hear on the podcast is a final product, after a lot of reexamination of my ideas. Sorry you can’t hear most of the samples. It’s definitely possible that I’m imagining or misinterpreting one or two, but I’m not so delusional as to make up the bulk of them.

      Also, hardware could be a bottleneck here, too. If you’re listening on a goddamn ipod, stock laptop soundcard, iphone, etc… i wouldn’t be surprised if they were essentially inaudible. They’re hard enough to hear on my 96/24 rips, through my X3, through HE-400s, plus some extra panning help from Audacity :)

      If you doubt me on the “death will take them all away” i’d stake my life on the fact that there’s a sample there saying something at least very close to that. Peace out, man… if you’ve got any questions about specific samples, feel free to hit me up on fb!

  5. I gotta say thanks for having a nice long analysis of this album. Tomorrows Harvest is something that needs to be listened to and meditated on more then any other (in my opinion). It also was cool that you picked out so many snippets of voices- things most listeners would never in a million years hone in on.
    It makes me wonder how your analysis of the 2nd half of the album will go. Because to me, from tone and album titles and 80′s cinema, this seems like an album that tells the past as well as the future in a nice palindrome. Yet, the latter half is more esoteric- but to me speaks to a earth where humans have become something else, adopted new languages, and then perhaps like reflections of the Scifi of today, a wasteland where intelligent lifeforms from other worlds discover a Earth completely devoid of humans. Bleak yet incredibly interesting.

  6. In your BOCast you didn’t even mention the most obvious vocal sample in Reach for the Dead. At 3:23, there’s a voice that AUDIBLY says “listen”. I thought for sure you’d touch on that.

  7. I just listened to the whole thing for the second time. This time, all the way to the end with the addendum and noticed your “subliminal” additions.

    “Give me money”
    “Donate money”

    They’re not subliminal if you can pick them out so easily. :)

    But I haven’t seen it mentioned here or on Twoism…so mission accomplished, maybe? It might be better if you actually had a donate link. :)

    Nice job, nonetheless! Looking forward to further BoCcasts!

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